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My name is Summer-Rose Latham and I currently study Level 3 media production. My aim in life is to go into social media management and to do this I am going to do a digital marketing apprenticeship, also with Carlisle College. Carlisle College is amazing by helping me realise what my dream goal is and have helped me every step of the way.

When leaving school I struggled with figuring out who I was and what I wanted to do, but now I have no doubt that I want to go into social media management for big clothing companies in the UK. I first decided that this is what I wanted to do when we had to try and promote our short films in college online to get feedback for our primary research and I found this fascinating as I just like the idea of trying to make products online stand put against the others and to find out the statistics behind it.

Over the summer holidays, after my first year, I found an online agency for Instagram influencing which I then joined as I found this intriguing as it is a form advertisement over social media and I wanted to have first hand experience of how to do it. It also helped me learn about Instagram audiences and activities, which you get on a business or creator profile. Learning about Instagram has helped me with my first work experience at college, which is running the VR Gateway social media accounts. This again, I have learned a lot from as I have met lots of interesting people who have given me advice and help and this has opened up a lot of opportunities.

As for the close future, I am aiming to do the Digital Marketing apprenticeship at the college and do a work placement in social media marketing.

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