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Fika: Mental Fitness

Learn skills to improve your health. 

Created over two years with students, athletes, influencers, expert psychologists and academics. Fika is designed specifically to help students learn practical mental fitness approaches and hacks and how to apply them to their everyday lives so they can thrive whilst studying and beyond.

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic Fika has created a dedicated series of programmes allowing students to learn from expert psychologists, other students, academics and professional athletes in five minute video, audio and text programmes. 

These are specifically designed to help combat the challenges of remote study and the mental health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Programmes and audio guides cover topics including managing distractions and uncertainty, maintaining motivation and positivity, staying connected, self-care and healthy habits. 

Gain invaluable insights into the science behind our mental health and develop the seven skills of Mental Fitness: focus, confidence, motivation, connection, positivity, meaning and managing stress

Take part in our daily community mental fitness workout. Share your experiences, learn from other members of the community and cheer each other on. 

Featured in The Metro, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Love Sport Radio, Sky News, Huffington Post, BBC Radio London and more… 

Access to the COVID-19 package is free for students & staff at Carlisle College

To access Fika follow the following steps

1. Download Fika: Student Skills app from the Appstore / Google Play store

2. Open the app and tap ‘Get started for Free’

3. Confirm you are over 16 and agree to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

4. Search for your institution in the institution list and select

5. Enter your institution email address and a desired password 

6. Check your inbox for a verification email and click link within the email 

7. Complete registration and enjoy Fika.

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