Can all students please read

Changes to student login

During half term starting Monday 26th October your Office 365 account, eTrackr account and Moodle account will not be accessible.

After half term Monday 2nd November you will be able to login to your brand new student accounts and here’s how….

Your new student login

Your new student login will now begin with an s followed by the person code on your college card.

Your new password is your date of birth i.e. 13Aug1988

You can change your password via and also set up the ability to use the Self-Service Password Reset.

Logging into Office 365

Your student email will change to


You will then be asked to give more details select Next

You will be asked to enter your phone number (the first link you see)

Add the UK as your region

Add your phone number – select text me

You will be sent a verification code. Enter the verification code and select Next

Select Finish

You should now be logged into your new student account.

Logging into eTrackr

Logging into eTrackr will be exactly the same as logging into the computers when you are in college.

*Please note if you change your password through Office 365 your eTrackr password will change to the new password you have created.

Logging into Moodle

Moodle –

Login with s and person code for username and password – you will then be asked to change your password.

One Drive

If you have any work saved in your college One Drive, please can you download it and save it somewhere safe? We do hope to restore all files currently within your One Drive however due to the large quantity of data, we cannot guarantee all data will be uploaded back into your accounts when you return after half term.

Why are our accounts changing?

We are switching your account to provide you with a better IT user experience.

One of the biggest benefits is that you will no longer be a ‘Guest’ in your Class Team on Teams, so when you log back in after this move things might look a little different as you won’t need to switch views and the teaching staff will be busy ensuring the new Teams Class sites are set up for you. You will also benefit from being able to reset your own password within should you forget it.

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