Mental Health awareness week 2021 – Get involved!

We know that the last year has been difficult, we’ve had to adapt to a new way of studying, socialising and working.

Our staff here in the Student Zone have been enjoying lunch time walks, Carly says ” Getting out at lunchtime gives me an energy boost, I feel motivated in the afternoon and I feel like the walks really have a positive effect on my mental wellbeing”

We challenge you to do the same. Send us some pictures of your journey, Rickerby Park & Bitts Park are close by and full of awesome picture opportunities, send your pictures to and we will add your pics to an online gallery. There may even be a little treat for those who enter!

This is Carly’s snapshot of her walk, we can’t wait to see yours.

Anna & Carly – Student Zone

In this short video, Sir David Attenborough discusses ways that nature has been shown to improve mental health – for example, that recently bereaved people have found spending time in nature helpful for dealing with their grief He discusses how nature has helped him during stressful times and suggests ways that people can better connect with nature..
Sir David Attenborough | Mental health and nature – YouTube

Looking for some inspiration?

Try these simple ways to connect with nature:
5 ways to connect to nature to help our wellbeing | WWF

For further information or support Contact Marie

Wellbeing Officer Carlisle College

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