Changes to logging into your college Microsoft 365 account

Multi-factor authorisation  

How to Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on Your Phone

Changes when signing into your college Microsoft accounts 

The way you sign and access your college accounts is changing from Thursday 30 September. This means that when you try to access any of your Microsoft accounts through or any Microsoft Office App (Teams, Word, PowerPoint etc), you will be prompted to authenticate your details.   

This is called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and you may be familiar with this when you access your online bank or other online accounts. 

What will change?  

When you access your accounts for the first time from Thursday 30 September you will be asked to set up MFA.   

How do I know what to do?
A guide has been created which explains how to set up MFA from a PC/Laptop and mobile device. This guide can be found here.  

An additional SWAY presentation is also available here which provides a walkthrough of each of the steps.

Why do I have to do this?  

MFA adds a second layer of security to your college accounts. It means that if someone gets hold of your password, your account can’t be accessed.   

Need help?
If you need support in setting up your device please email 

We can also help you in the Student Zone should you need any assistance or help with understanding this.

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