Marketing Survey Help

Are you a student with marketing as part of your course or recently started your first role in marketing, if so, I need your help!

As part of my MBA with the University of Cumbria, I am undertaking a research project and wondered if you would spare the time to fill in a quick questionnaire for me. It’s totally anonymous and all details and what you need to do are in the links below.

Title of Study: What would make a Destination Marketing Organisation attractive as an employer to prospective employees who can use current and future digital technologies to market a tourist destination?

About the study: This study seeks to ask students currently studying topics with marketing or tourism included as well as recently qualified employees within the first year of a marketing role if they have ever or would consider a career with a tourism marketing body. What are their priorities when making career choices with regards to potential employers, workplaces and practices and what does an employer need to be attractive to them?

Link to Student questionnaire –

Link to 1st job in marketing questionnaire –

If you have any questions at all, please contact me

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