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October’s Meeting

October’s Learner Voice meeting covered the start of the new academic year, impact of Covid-19, online learning and the potential for more interaction online during lockdown.

You can find the October minutes and post meeting comments below!


Get Involved!

It’s not too late to get involved, feel free to email studentzone@carlisle.ac.uk to start

Reasons to join…

Expand your C.V 

If you don’t have a lot of work or volunteer experience choosing what to include on a C.V can be difficult. Being part of the Learner Voice at Carlisle College looks great, it shows employers and universities that you’re passionate and take initiative. 

At the end of the academic year, you’ll also receive a certificate of involvement.   

Networking opportunities 

Being part Learner Voice gives you the chance to make new friends and collaborate on student-led initiatives. You’ll refine your communication and teamwork skills as you talk with individual students and groups. This is what networking is all about – sharing your thoughts and opinions and learning from others. 

Learning to be an advocate 

By joining the college’s Learner Voice, you have the chance to support different groups and give a voice to the voiceless. This is a great opportunity to better understand how inequalities affect different individuals and groups and have a chance to do something about it.  

Learn about yourself 

You will learn about your work ethic and how you interact with others. Through working with others, building leadership skills and helping the college community, you just might find your true passion! 

Other Perks 

You’ll also receive a food voucher for the refectory! 

Get Involved!

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