Welcome to the Student Zone Online Induction. This induction will give you all of the information you will need in order to access resources during your time in college. is our online website that supplies you with information in and around college and all of the resource information you need during your time with us.

The video below gives a little guidance as to what we have within our online portal.


Office 365

All students are provided with an Office 365 account. To login to 365 go to and select sign in

Your username is your student email address which is your student number followed by If your student number begins with a 2 add a 0 in front – example

Your Password is the password you use to login to the college computers. If you are a new starter to college your password will be your surname year of birth and ! – for example John Smith who was born in 2004 his password would be Smith04! If you have any trouble logging on to Office 365 please get in touch with your course tutor.

Once logged in you will be presented with the 365 apps. Select Outlook to get into your student emails. You can also install the office apps onto your device using the drop down menu displayed below.

Mobile Phone users

If you are using your mobile phone you can download and install 365 using your app store. Your login is your student email account as above.

Teams – Is a great app and will be used a lot throughout the year. This is free to download on your smartphone or to your computer. Your tutor will have invited you to a Team and the link will be in your Outlook inbox. Your login for Microsoft Teams is your student email login.

Teams for student user guide



Moodle is an online resource your tutor will use to store the resources you need throughout your course. To access Moodle visit.

Your login is your student number (with the 0 in front if your student number begins with a 2) for both your username and password. Example below.

The video below shows you how to enrol on your Moodle course and how to access our E-books through Moodle.



eTrackr is the online tracking software you will use to track your progress throughout your course. Course tutors will mark your work and give you feedback through eTrackr. Your attendance, tutorials, work experience, enrichment, targets and Progress Reviews are all logged through eTrackr.

To access eTrackr go to

Login to eTrackr using your college network login which is your student number for your username and your college network login password.

A brief video over view of eTrackr

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