Maths w/c 22/06/2020


The focus this week is fractions and percentages of amounts. Use the link below to support your understanding of the work

Additional practice and Videos can be found at.

The answers with working can be found at 

Please focus on completing the MyMaths work on Fractions and percentages of amounts. Please let me know if you need any help with the work

Also this week If you would like to try questions on Fractions (Assignment/Nuggets) on Century please follow the instructions below

Enter your college email

Password  password1



Please complete the assignment titled w/c 22nd  June on Century

If you have any problems accessing Century or are doing alternate work please email Emma



  • 3 nuggets on Century (choose your own from the my course tab or 3 from the homepage)
  • 2 topic Tests on OnMaths | Mock ExamsOur Papers Practise a specific topic with Topic Busters, prepare for the exam with a Prediction, or challenge yourself against a Demon Paper Prediction Topic Buster Demon Questions Mini Mocks Higher Foundation Edexcel AQA OCR Number Algebra Proportion Geometry Statistics (Set the level to Foundation not higher, then choose from Number, algebra, proportion, geometry or statistics. Click submit and you will get a list of topic tests to have a go at. Screenshot and email me the score of your 2 topic tests on OnMaths.)




Functional Skills

Fractions Real Life

Ratio Scale

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