Searching our catalogue

You can search our library for resources by clicking the Heritage link above. The search will tell you where in the LRC they can be found. Have a go!


Welcome to the LRC



We hope that you enjoy working in the LRC. If you need any help please ask a member of staff.

Please remember to have your lanyard on show around your neck, if you don’t yet have a student card please check at the desk to see if yours can be printed.

LRC evening opening hours.

The LRC is open till 7pm Thursdays. Come and make use of the space and quiet atmosphere. Perfect for getting ahead.owl-moon

Easter Maths Revision

GCSEs are creeping up. Need to do revison? Pop into the LRC between your revision classes to access the site without distractions. Open Easter!


International Women’s Day

Created by our A-Level students, a wonderful display.


Fiction Area

If you would like to create a book review for any of our fiction books it would be greatly appreciated. Just pop along to the LRC desk for a review form.