Student Induction Survey

Please can all students complete the Student Induction Survey

Follow the link to begin the survey, please use the code 111 and then select your course


We have received some brand new editions of Issues. Issues is a publication that covers every issue world wide. We have many copies in the Student Zone and you can also view these online. You may need them for research, as part of your study or maybe these topics are of a great interest to you.

Come up to the Student Zone and take a look.

Student Voice

Student Voice is where you can come together as students and have your say on all things Carlisle College. We will meet several times throughout the year. Your voice will be heard and by taking part you can make a positive change to Carlisle College. Through past Student Voice sessions students developed social clubs, activity facilities, IT equipment requests and much more… Every Carlisle College student is welcome to become a member of Student Voice. Come along and have your say. Get in touch with us here in the Student Zone for more details or contact us via our Teams page.

Student Zone Induction

Welcome to the Carlisle College Student Zone. Each of you will receive an induction to our Student Zone during your first few weeks at College. We will cover information on how to access the College systems such as logging into the College computers, Office 365 and eTrackr. We will cover how to access resources, online resources and printing.

Here are some user guides to help you get started:

Student exit survey – please take part

Click the above link to take part, Your login is your student number with NO S in front

Mental Health awareness week 2021 – Get involved!

We know that the last year has been difficult, we’ve had to adapt to a new way of studying, socialising and working.

Our staff here in the Student Zone have been enjoying lunch time walks, Carly says ” Getting out at lunchtime gives me an energy boost, I feel motivated in the afternoon and I feel like the walks really have a positive effect on my mental wellbeing”

We challenge you to do the same. Send us some pictures of your journey, Rickerby Park & Bitts Park are close by and full of awesome picture opportunities, send your pictures to and we will add your pics to an online gallery. There may even be a little treat for those who enter!

This is Carly’s snapshot of her walk, we can’t wait to see yours.

Anna & Carly – Student Zone

In this short video, Sir David Attenborough discusses ways that nature has been shown to improve mental health – for example, that recently bereaved people have found spending time in nature helpful for dealing with their grief He discusses how nature has helped him during stressful times and suggests ways that people can better connect with nature..
Sir David Attenborough | Mental health and nature – YouTube

Looking for some inspiration?

Try these simple ways to connect with nature:
5 ways to connect to nature to help our wellbeing | WWF

For further information or support Contact Marie

Wellbeing Officer Carlisle College

Notify College of your absence through our app

Download the eNotify app onto your phone and notify your tutor of your absence.

How it works

STEP 1: Open the app – Select Student

STEP 2: Enter your student email address

STEP 3: Select Carlisle College

STEP 4: Enter the verification code that has been sent to your student email account.

STEP 5: Select your name

STEP 6: Select the reason for your absence

eNotify user guide

Mental Health & wellbeing

Being mentally healthy and living well is important to every single one of us – whether we are living with a mental illness or not . It can be so easy for us to take our mental health for granted; to prioritise other things; to put it off until next week. It can also seem too big and too hard. But it’s not. There are some things everyone can do. The following are some tips to get you started.

Fika – Download Now

The Fika app is free to download and there are lots of health courses within the app for you to take part in. You can set up reminders and talk to other students in the Fika community.


Unhelpful thinking

Low confidence & assertiveness

Low mood & depression

Anxiety control training

Sleep problems

How to relax

8 relaxation tips for your mental health

Downloadable Guides

Emotional & wellbeing services – contact

Carlisle Mind – 0300 561 0000 –

We’re on your doorstep, at the end of a phone or online. If you’re stressed, depressed, in crisis or supporting someone else we’ll listen, give you support and fight your corner. We believe everyone deserves respect and support when facing a mental health problem.

Citizens Advice – 03444 111 444

Citizens Advice is a network of 316 independent charities throughout the United Kingdom that give free, confidential information and advice to assist people with money, legal, consumer and other problems.

Impact Housing – Domestic abuse & Safeguarding – 03448 736 290 –

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, you may feel very alone and have no idea who or where to turn to. We’ll help you get the advice and support you need.

NHS Stop Smoking – 0300 123 1044 –

Smoking is bad for your health, but exactly how will stopping make life better? Click the above link to find out more.

Samaritans – 01228 544444 –

Whatever you’re going through, a Samaritan will face it with you. We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Self-Harm Awareness 01228 319711

Self-harm Awareness for All Cumbria (SAFA) is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals who self harm and to those who support them. Our primary goal is to empower the individual to take responsibility for their own lives by offering counselling and trusting support. Also we seek to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with self harm by creating greater awareness through training and education.

Sexual Health Cumbria – 01228 608989 –

Cumbria Sexual Health service provides confidential advice and support on a range of sexual health issues. We offer testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We also provide, for free, all types of contraception including emergency contraception.

LGBThq Cumbria – 01228 267247 –

LGBThq is Cumbria’s home for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other information & advice services, community centre, anti-bullying campaigning, 3rd party hate crime reporting centre, conference facility, meeting space and hot-desking offices. The HQ acts as a central hub for several not-for-profit organisations.

CADAS – 0800 254 5658 –

Here at CADAS, we offer free and confidential alcohol and drug services to young people under the age of 18.
Our team is available to offer friendly and non-judgemental advice surrounding alcohol and drug use, and can provide more intensive support where necessary. Whether you’re worried about yourself, a friend or someone in your family, we are here to help.

If you would like to discuss any of these services in more
detail, contact your progress coach or a member of the Student Zone team.