Maths and English Weekly Update W/C 11/05/2020


The focus this week is on powers and roots of numbers. Use the link below to support your understanding of the work
Additional practice  and Videos can be found at.

Please focus on completing the MyMaths work on Powers and Roots. Please let me know if you need any help with the work


Formula sheet:


GCSE Maths Revision Guide Grade 5

Functional Skills Maths work – Margaret Bewley’s students

AoN Level 1 Book

Sharing Positivity

Our Level 3 Health & Social Care students have brought together some positive messages to share with us all.

(Click on the image to view the messages)


Maths work from your tutors week commencing 27/04/2020

When you have completed any work you can also log this through eTrackr EEP (instructions on how to log the work you’ve achieved here

Emma Oake-Hullock –

Made with Padlet

Work for the week commencing 27th April

Please complete a paper on
Please screenshot your final score. Any areas you struggle with please study these on Century.
Carry on working your way through the Revision booklet from the 13.04.20

Rachel Tweddle –

Nuggets on Century recapping topics we have covered.

Revision booklets on Padlet. These are brilliant for doing a page a day to help practice topics and make sure knowledge is being retained. (

Andrew Russell –

BBC Bitesize shows how to calculate the area and circumference of circles

I have a attached a knowledge organiser to this which will also give you key facts about the work

Again, practice questions using Corbett maths work sheets. The answers with working can be found at

Worksheets to try on Corbett Maths

Please have ago at the Mymaths work  on co-ordinates and straight line graphs Your login details are attached to the email I sent you on the 23rd March. Let me know if you need them again

Nadra Sawirous –

BBC Bitesize shows how to plot points and draw straight lines on a co-ordinate grid

I have a attached a knowledge organiser to this which will also give you key facts about the work

Again practice questions using Corbett maths work sheets. The answers with working can be found at

Worksheets to try on Corbett Maths

Margaret Bewley-

Problem solving tools

Practice Paper Level 1

Student Blog – Isolation

Student Blog- Isolation

My name is Holly Angus and I’m a second-year student at Carlisle College studying Creative media.

I love trying new things, every opportunity given to me I grab with both hands and say yes. Not only to gain experience, skills and to keep myself busy and productive but also because I enjoy learning and achieving. So, when I first heard about the lockdown on the UK, I was worried about how I would keep myself busy and how to still find opportunities through all of this. The first thing I did was make a list, full of all the things I wanted to try and things I haven’t done because I haven’t had time in the past. For instance, cooking and baking, which I have been doing a lot of since going into lockdown and found that I really enjoy it!

Creating a list has really helped me stay motivated, as it is something to work towards and a great opportunity to learn new skills while hopefully having fun on the way. During this time, I understand it can be very difficult to stay motivated and positive. So, I hope that some of things I am about to mention can hopefully give you ideas or inspiration. Some of things I have been up too included, reading, painting, exercise, sport, learning a new language, (I’m learning Spanish) arts and crafts, yoga, I’ve learnt to sew (badly), board games and cooking and baking. I am also creating a vlog for my YouTube channel on everything I have been up too. I think making sure we don’t spend too much time in front of a screen is really important, try and get outside as much as you can and spend time with family doing fun activities that don’t involve sitting Infront of a screen, being active is important through this time to keep healthy.

Opportunity wise, there is still so much out there, if you are looking for a part time job there has been a high demand in staff needed in supermarkets, the NHS are also looking for volunteers over 18 to help during this pandemic. Starting a new online business or creating a blog page, a YouTube channel or work on something you have always wanted to try, like recording a podcast, art, sport, writing stories etc, even starting your studies for next year, if you are going to university, you could start to research into the topics. so many other opportunities, even if you have to look a bit harder, I’ve realised there is always new opportunities to be discovered.

Staying in contact with friends and family outside of your household is also something I’ve found very important and reassuring. I have been having zoom calls and face-timing my friends a lot, and we are planning on having a quiz night with my college class on zoom. Staying connected and being able to talk and have fun with your friends is crucial throughout this time, to check in with each other and try and stay positive.

Logging your online learning on eTrackr

Login to eTrackr using your Carlisle College computer login details

My Work Skills

Other activities

Select the +C

Select +A where it says Online Learning

Here you will see the task/target your tutor has set you. Once you have completed the task/target type into the box labelled The impact of the activity let your tutor know of any details about the task/target you found helpful or struggled with.

Remember to press SAVE

Your tutor will then verify that you have completed the task.

If you are struggling in anyway please contact your tutor or we are here to help.

Remote Volunteer Sign Up

Any students who would like to pitch in and help local business with remote working please download this form, fill it in and send it off to

Remote Volunteer Sign up sheet

Online Access

Access to Moodle

Username: studentnumber

Password: studentnumber

If you can’t get logged in or need help in getting enrolled onto your course online email

Access to student email account

Sign in


Password: The password you use to login to the computers at college

Access to Teams

Sign in


Password: The password you use to login to the computers at college.

Make sure to select Outlook there will be a link to Teams in your inbox.

Access to ETrackr

Username: studentnumber

Password: Your college computer login password

Please get in touch at if you have any trouble logging into any of these systems, we are happy to help.

If you can’t remember your college computer login password contact your tutor who will get it reset for you.

APRIL – Stress Awareness Month

In the Student Zone we like to raise awareness on different causes that are happening each month. These causes may impact you or someone you know and we like to provide as much help and information as we can to offer support. April is Stress Awareness Month and during the current climate we’re in, life can be a little more stressful than usual. We have put together some information that may help you.

April Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April, since 1992, to raise awareness about stress.

Stress is normal, every one of us experiences stress on a daily basis but too much stress can damage our health. The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to huge changes, uncertainty and new challenges for many of us. It’s important to recognise the stress that we face, manage it and reduce the impact it can have on our health.

Stress And Anxiety Aren't Always Bad For You, Says Psychologist ...

What is Stress?

Stress is a simply a response from our bodies to a situation or life event, but the effects can vary hugely from person to person. When we are stressed, we can experience feelings such as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and frustration. These feelings can feed on each other and making things worse, for some it can lead to symptoms of depression. Feeling stressed, we may also behave differently, becoming withdrawn and experience physical symptoms such as headaches.

All of us can feel the above, it’s important to remember you are not alone with this.

World Mental Health Day: It's ok to not be ok - SAFETY4SEA

Dealing with stress & loneliness

During this Coronavirus outbreak it is important that we all take the time to look after our mental health during self-isolation. If you are worried about the coronavirus there is good advice from the NHS website-

Below are some tips to help in taking care of your mental health and reduce stress.

  • Keep in touch with people online. Make plans to video chat with people you’d normally see in person.
  • Try to follow your normal routine as much as possible. You will still need to study so remember to go to bed at the usual time and keep your day free for college work.
  • Try to keep active. Exercising at home can be simple with an exercise video online and follow the Government’s advice to keep safe distance if you do go outside if you go for a run/cycle.
  • If you have more free time than usual, find ways to relax and be creative through reading, writing or take up a new hobby like drawing, sewing or DIY.
  • Try to take some time out during the day and do some simple breathing exercises. You can find a simple breathing exercise on the NHS website:

It is a difficult time for all of us, try to keep things in perspective and don’t be too hard on yourself. Look for things in your life that are positive and write down things that make you feel grateful.

If you feel overwhelmed by stress, the Student Zone staff and college counsellor are there for you as well as the charity Samaritans  on 116 123.

To all College Students and Apprentices

To all College Students and Apprentices

Welcome back to the start of the summer term! It’s been a very unusual year, and I know the current circumstances will be difficult for many of you. I sincerely hope that you and those close to you are well and staying safe, and that you enjoyed the Easter holidays.

Firstly, I want you all to know that for everyone at the College, the most important thing for us is that you remain safe. That’s why it’s critically important that we follow the instructions from government and stay home.  Remember, we should only leave home for one of these reasons: essential shopping for food or medicine, to help with the needs of a vulnerable person or those self-isolating or for a daily session of outside exercise. When doing any of those things, it’s very important to remain at least two metres away from others who are not from your household. I’m sure though you’ll all be finding new ways of using your time, as well as using technology to keep in touch with your networks more frequently, and in new ways.

Secondly, all of us at the College want you to know that we are doing, and will continue to do everything we possibly can to make sure you achieve on your qualifications this year. I’d like to congratulate all of you to adapting so quickly to learning and training online. After all though, a college is not the buildings and the classrooms – a college is the collection of people learning.  It’s really important that you keep engaging with your teacher, trainer or tutor every week at the specified times, and work on all of the assignments they set you. Remember, at the beginning of the year I spoke to as many of you as possible, guaranteeing that everyone who attends, and does what their tutor asks will succeed – we know that because 94% of those who finish with us every year move up to the next step of their journey. And that remains true now, even when we are all working from home. There have been some important recent announcements from the government about exams and assessment, which will affect all of you:

For the majority of BTEC, Vocational Qualifications and Access to HE, it is now very likely that your tutor will be submitting calculated final grades for you, based on the previous work you have done and the work you do from now onwards. For GCSE English, Maths and Functional Skills this has already been confirmed.

For Apprenticeships, the government has asked that colleges do everything they can to allow you to continue training, and working with your employer and your End Point Assessment Organisation we are reviewing all of your situations so that we can aim for you to complete your apprenticeship on time, wherever this is possible.

So as we begin our final term, it’s vital that you engage with the work your teacher is setting you and that you communicate through the particular portal your group uses. This is how you can now progress and complete the qualification you came to the College for.

Remember, your Tutor and Progress Coach are there to help you, so if there is any aspect of work you need support with, if you have questions or queries or any problems using technology, contact them immediately. If you are an apprentice and your work situation has changed or you have questions about your progress or assessment, contact your training adviser immediately. In addition, our full range of support from the Student Zone, Student Services and Careers Service is available as ever, online.

Finally, we really can’t wait to open our doors again, once the current measures are over! At this moment, we can’t know exactly when that will be. However, we are ready to begin as soon as we are able to. So in the meantime, keep yourselves, your families and loved ones safe, and better times will be here soon, I am sure.

All the best, and I wish you every success with the remainder of your course this term.

Grant Glendinning