Changes to logging into your college Microsoft 365 account

Multi-factor authorisation  

How to Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on Your Phone

Changes when signing into your college Microsoft accounts 

The way you sign and access your college accounts is changing from Thursday 30 September. This means that when you try to access any of your Microsoft accounts through or any Microsoft Office App (Teams, Word, PowerPoint etc), you will be prompted to authenticate your details.   

This is called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and you may be familiar with this when you access your online bank or other online accounts. 

What will change?  

When you access your accounts for the first time from Thursday 30 September you will be asked to set up MFA.   

How do I know what to do?
A guide has been created which explains how to set up MFA from a PC/Laptop and mobile device. This guide can be found here.  

An additional SWAY presentation is also available here which provides a walkthrough of each of the steps.

Why do I have to do this?  

MFA adds a second layer of security to your college accounts. It means that if someone gets hold of your password, your account can’t be accessed.   

Need help?
If you need support in setting up your device please email 

We can also help you in the Student Zone should you need any assistance or help with understanding this.

Breakfast Club

Feel free to come up to the Student Zone each morning when you arrive in College. We are open from 8am – 8.45am as self-service. Bring in your breakfast or help yourself to one of our breakfast bars, log on to a computer or find somewhere to relax before you start your college day.

Right Choice Event

If you feel that your current course might not be right for you, the College are holding two Right Choice events so you can meet tutors from other courses. Please see the poster for further details and use the QR code to book a place. Alternatively, follow this link to book a place:  In the meantime, speak with your tutor or progress coach if you’d like to discuss your options.

Student Induction Survey

Please can all students complete the Student Induction Survey

Follow the link to begin the survey, please use the code 111 and then select your course


We have received some brand new editions of Issues. Issues is a publication that covers every issue world wide. We have many copies in the Student Zone and you can also view these online. You may need them for research, as part of your study or maybe these topics are of a great interest to you.

Come up to the Student Zone and take a look.

Student Voice

Student Voice is where you can come together as students and have your say on all things Carlisle College. We will meet several times throughout the year. Your voice will be heard and by taking part you can make a positive change to Carlisle College. Through past Student Voice sessions students developed social clubs, activity facilities, IT equipment requests and much more… Every Carlisle College student is welcome to become a member of Student Voice. Come along and have your say. Get in touch with us here in the Student Zone for more details or contact us via our Teams page.

Student Zone Induction

Welcome to the Carlisle College Student Zone. Each of you will receive an induction to our Student Zone during your first few weeks at College. We will cover information on how to access the College systems such as logging into the College computers, Office 365 and eTrackr. We will cover how to access resources, online resources and printing.

Here are some user guides to help you get started: