Access to Student Email

Logging into Office 365

Open a web browser and type in and select Sign in

Your student email address is your username which begins with s followed by your student number which is your person code on your student card. Your email address should look like the example below.


Your password is your date of birth written in the same style as the example below. If your date of birth is a single digit such as the 8th April 2001 you would put a ‘0’ in front e.g. 08Apr2001

You will then be asked to give more details select Next

You will be asked to enter your phone number (the first link you see)

Add the UK as your region

Add your phone number – select text me

You will be sent a verification code. Enter the verification code and select Next

Select Finish

You should now be logged into your new student account.

How to redirect your college email to your personal email

  1. Open your student email account

2. Click on the settings icon and type in forwarding

3. Select ‘Start forwarding’ and type in your personal email address. Select ‘Save’.

When your course finishes your student email account will be deleted, so this is a way to keep any important emails from your student account.

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