Access to Student Email

  1. Google 365 – select 365 login


3. Password – the password you use to login to the college computers

4. If you have a mobile device, you can also add your account to the email app. If you already have a private email address you can have your student emails redirected to this account. This saves you having to open your student email every day. Because the emails are redirected, as opposed to forwarded, the emails will have the original senders address in the ‘from’ box.

How to redirect your college email to your personal email

  1. Open your student email account

2. Click on the settings icon and type in forwarding

3. Select ‘Start forwarding’ and type in your personal email address. Select ‘Save’.

When your course finishes your student email account will be deleted, so this is a way to keep any important emails from your student account.

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