We provide a wide variety of books within the Student Zone – everything from course books, to information books, to fictional and biographies.

If there is a particular book you need for a course you can search our stock via Heritage to see if we have it and if we do see if it is available.

You can also type in keywords about a particular topic you are looking for. For example typing in Mental Health will bring you up a list of resources we have.
(See below)

You can also use this online link to Heritage to see when books you have on loan are due in and to also reserve a book you require. Come and see us at the desk in the Student Zone and we will give you your unique pin code.

How to check out a book

Bring the book along with your student card to the front desk in the Student Zone.

We will scan your card and scan the book. The book will then be stamped with the date it is due to be returned.

If you would like to extend the time with your book, you can either pop in and see us and we can renew that for you via your student card, or you can email let us know your student number and that you would like to renew.

For each day your book is overdue you will be charged 10p. Once you are 7 days overdue you will be sent out a reminder letter to bring the books back. Once you are 14 days overdue we will issue an invoice for the book.

Online E-Books

We have recently created online e-book resources. To access the e-books you need to login through moodle. Click onto site home and you will see the VLEbook link.

Once you are into the E-books you can search for the book you require. If the book isn’t there unfortunately this means its unavailable. As the E-Books is a new development of the Student Zone we would be happy to make a purchase of a book you think you be an advantage to other students. Please come and let us know.

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