To use VALNOW you need to use an app called Citrix we have this installed on all of our computers and laptops that are located in the Student Zone.

Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer and type in uclan remote access

Step 2: Click on the link which says Remote access (Citrix)

Step 3: Click on go straight to remote access. If you would like to download citrix at home you can download it from this page.

Step 4: Enter your Username and Password which can be found on the back of your uclan card. Your password is the long number at the bottom. If the number doesn’t work as a password try typing in front of your number uclan- this will get you signed in.

Step 5: You are now in Citirix – open up Internet Explorer

Step 5: Open up a new tab and type uclan library search

Step 6: Click on Library Search

You are now in the uclan library here you have access to the entire catalogue. If they do not have the book you require via e-book please click this link and select Request a book the book you request usually arrives in college within a few days.

Please let us know if you are struggling with anything.

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