VR Gaming Zone

Our Gaming Zone is back! Visit the Student Zone to play on the PS4, XBox One or take yourself off to another world with our new Virtual Reality experience.

We have 2 Oculus Headsets along with our fantastic PS4 VR headsets. The Oculus headsets will also be used in a classroom environment to immerse yourself in digital education. Learn the human body, visit wonders of the world or step back in time to see what the world was like.

VR is only just beginning. More and more software is being made every day to enhance the learning experience.

How can gaming benefit you?

Playing Well Improves Stress-Relief

Fortunately, there are so many types of video games for desktop, console, and mobile platforms that everyone has a chance at finding a good outlet for their negative emotions.

According to another Games For Health Journal study, a group of scientists in 2019 looked into whether a prescribed regimen of Plants vs. Zombies would work better than antidepressants in reducing treatment-resistant depression symptoms. Turns out, it absolutely could.

Even a casual video game can help you escape your troubles, at least for a little while. This doesn’t mean that gaming should take over your life, but it lets you take a breather and then calmly deal with whatever’s stressing you out.

Read the full article here…

Come and see us at the desk in the Student Zone if you would like to game. Ask for our game collection, suggest new games and be sent to another world using VR.

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