Employer Encounter

Preparing for an Employer Encounter

The college will arrange a variety of different employer encounters throughout your time at college. This may mean different companies and employers coming into the college to do talks about their business and opportunities within that working sector, day visits to companies so you can see first-hand the work they do, or even virtual talks/tours from different companies.

These opportunities can provide you with a valuable insight into what working within that sector can entail and speak to people working in that role. What better way to find out about a job role than to ask people who are already working within that area day in day out.  

Please make the most of these opportunities!

See below tips and guidance regarding how you should prepare and behave for these employer encounters:

  • Research the company’s website, any news articles or social media about their latest activities and projects to show you’re up to date and interested.
  • If you know who is conducting the employer encounter, do some on-line research of the person (e.g. their LinkedIn profile).
  • Prepare questions you want to ask.
  • Once the time comes to ask questions please do this in an appropriate manner, raise your hand, and wait until you are asked to ask your question.
  • Always be polite to the employer.
  • Remember, they will be experts in their field so use the opportunity wisely and treat them with the respect that they deserve.
  • You will be representing the college so please behave professionally at all times.
  • Dress appropriately.


Think of 3 questions you would want to find out from a company/employee in the career area you are interested in.

Example questions to ask:

  • What has been your career path?
  • What types of skills are necessary for succeeding in this career?
  • What other careers or industries could you work in with your education and experience?
  • What is your exact job title, and how long have you been in the job?
  • What do you like most about your job?
  • What would you change about your job?
  • Can you describe a typical day at your job?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your job?
  • What career progression opportunities does this line of work offer?
  • What advice do you have for someone considering this career?
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