Logging your work experience

Click to view Employment Flyer

Step 1

Please save these forms somewhere safe. This is your Work Experience Diary which will need to be handed in once your hours are complete.

Work Experience Diary
Work Placement Presentation
Placement Request

Step 2 – Logging your work experience online

Log in to e-tracker https://etrackr.carlisle.ac.uk

Step 3

Click on My Work Skills -> Work Experience

Step 4

Click on New

Step 5

Fill in all of the criteria – You must enter a Start and End date, if your work placement is ongoing set your date as the end of July. Here you can also attach any evidence such as your work experience diary or photographs.

Step 6

Click SAVE

Your tutor will then verify your Work Experience hours. Once these hours are verified your Work Experience will be locked in. Should you need to make any changes to a locked file please see your tutor.

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